First part we look at the Roller Coasters and Water Rides which featured at one of the biggest fairs in Europe alongside the River Rhine.

Max Eberhard's Wilde Maus XXL

This coaster a familiar sight nowadays at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland was on its first appearance at the Rhein Kirmes. A new addition for the ride was for an additional charge riders can wear a VR simulator whilst enjoying the ride. From what we noticed many didn't opt to use this new feature.

Klaus Renoldi Jnr's Höllenblitz on it's bi-annual appearance.

The World's second largest portable Coaster to Rudolf Barth's Olympia Looping (which it alternates with on this position nowadays). This coaster is unique as it is the only full-time portable dark coaster to feature spinning cars. This inspired Mellors Group to create Ice Mountain for Winter Wonderland for it's six week stint by covering over a Reverchon Spinning Coaster. Höllenblitz was once again very popular and an on ride clip is to feature on YouTube soon.

Inge & Angela Bruch's Alpina Bahn.

The regular big coaster at Düsseldorf is the Schwarzkopf-designed & built Alpina Bahn, owned by the family of Oscar Bruch OHG who sadly passed away since its last appearance. On ride clip expected on YouTube channel.

The Bruch family's Spinning Racer.

On it's usual position was the second coaster present owned by the family of the late Oscar Bruch OHG. This coaster is a compact portable model of the spinning coasters built by Maurer & Söhne more familiar at theme parks all over the World.

Toni Thoma & Theodora Hartmann's Racing Coaster.

The fifth and final coaster was the Racing Coaster, built by Italian manufacturers SBF Visa Group is more family friendly opposed to the above and was at the Rheinkirmes last year.

Heitmann & Schneider's Auf Manitus Spuren.

This double drop SDC Log Flume was making its debut on the position occupied for many years by Löwenthal's giant Wild Wasser 3 (which these days resides at Skyline Park for the season). Very elaborated presented like many German rides, just like it's predecessor the first drop is in reverse by the ultilisation of two turntables which is rarely seen on theme park log flumes.

Sascha Kaiser's Rio Rapidos.

Finally the second water ride was the now established Reverchon Rapids ride of Sascha Kaiser which moved up to a position in the shadow of the Rheinknbrücke crossing at the Southern End of the ground.


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