Second part we look at all the thrill rides featured at one of the biggest fairs in Europe alongside the River Rhine.

Hoefnagels & Söhne's Infinity

I must admit that this was one of my most ancipated sights of this event. This one-off Inversion 24 from KMG has been a big hit on the German fairs since its debut in April 2016. The sheer forces generated by its movement certainly leaves those watching let alone riding quite breathless. Some people comment that one complete revolution is not enough however this restriction was enforced by TUV of Germany, one must take into account the huge stresses been exerted to the A-frame supports and the rams by the ride's movement. For my opinion of the ride experience this will appear on the YouTube channel as I filmed my ride on it.

Küchenmeister's Apollo 13.

Another ride new two years ago was this superbly themed Fabbri Booster Maxx which was one of the most popular rides both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Küchenmeister's Konga.

The Küchenmeister also presented their KMG XXL which was brand new here in 2011 and has attended every year since. They were operating a two for one ticket to ride both this and Apollo 13 for combined €10.

H P Maier's Chaos Pendel (Switzerland).

Delivered brand new direct from Funtime Rides of Austria was this new variant on the Booster ride. Although some stated this was not one of the strong positions of the fair it was getting very mixed reactions from punters sampling it and was struggling to keep up with Apollo 13.

Albert Ordelman's Propeller.

Usually seen at Tilburg Kermis this Fabbri-built ride was called Inversion XXL last time I saw it in 2015. It was on its first appearance at the Rheinkirmes and had been recently reduced from a 16-seater to 12-seater through TUV regulation.

Alexander Goetke's Jules Verne Tower.

The Goetke family are familiar to Düsseldorf with their Funtime Star Flyer rides, this example on its first appearance being their third and latest version. Jules Verne Tower is much larger than the previous two as the tower structure itself is 80 metres built-up just like the Gyrodrop Tower rides. On the tower is a 16-sided 32-seater star which differed from the previous two being 24 & 48 car respectively. The last model Alex Airport last attended in 2015, since then Maier's presented the 80 metre Condor version which since has been sold on.

Ewald & Christina Schneider's Hangover Tower.

Having made its debut here in 2015, this Funtime Gyrodrop Tower was on its fourth appearance. This year unlike the previous three the Schneider family only had the one tower open with their older Power Tower 2 left behind for this year.

Other thrill rides open at the Rheinkirmes.

The Gravity: Frank Oberschelp's Technical Park Heavy Rotation on a second appearance following its debut last year.

Predator: Willi Kaiser's Soriani & Moser Top Star Tour.

Skater: The last remaining Mondial Top Scan on the German fair circuit from Siegfried Kaiser.

Shake & Roll: Schäfer's Mondial Shake a favourite at the Rheinkirmes.

Der Düsseldorfer Break Dance: William C. Bruch's Huss Break Dance a recently established local favourite ride.

Break Dance No 1: Patricia Kinzler's Mk 2 Huss Break Dance from Stuttgart was extremely busy both nights of my visit.

Circus Circus: The ex-Bruch Huss Magic owned by Gründler & Preuß KG (Düsseldorf).

Big Monster: Raoul Hermann Krameyer's Schwarzkopf Polyp.

Petersburger Schlittenfahrt: Peter Burgdorf & Söhne's Matterhorn built by Mack Rides.

Happy Sailor: Manfred Howey's Mack Rides Sea Storm.

Nessy: Hans-Peter Markmann's Pirate Ship built by Kalbfleisch.


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