For the final part we look at the rest of the attractions at one of the biggest fairs in Europe alongside the River Rhine.

The rest of the larger rides were catering for all ages.

Belle Vue: The Bruch family's Observation Wheel in it's usual corner position in the shadow of the Rheinknbrücke crossing at the Southern End of the ground.

Venetian Carousel: Horst Langenberg's Carousel stood in the foreground of the Wheel for family groups.

Golden Greats Autoskooter: One of two Dodgem tracks from Kropp family from Duisburg.

Diamond Autoskooter: Local operator Hartkopf-Osselmann operates the second track here.

Rallye Monte Carlo: Fackler family's Go Gart track was on its usual position by the Rheinknbrücke crossing entrance.

Raupenbahn: Built in 1926 the Steiger-Buchholz partnership's No 1 Caterpillar provided some yesteryear thrills.

Wellenflug: The event's sole Zierer Waveswinger was on its usual position from Ottfried Hanstein GmbH.

Kettenflieger: Also on its usual position was the traditional Chair-O-Plane ride owned by the Fuhrmann family from nearby Wuppertal.

Time to take a look at the side attractions on offer.

Alpen Hotel: Renee & Edgar Rasch's Fun House a more familiar sight at Winter Wonderland London was a newcomer taking the place of the Renz's Lach-Haus XXL version at short notice.

Big Bamboo: A regular nowadays is Hempen OHG's novel show which took a side position in front of the grass bank this time.

Freddy's Company: The third Fun House was provided by Hofmann-Jehn.

Geisterstadt: Local firm Hermann Fellerhoff & Söhne opened one of just two regular Ghost Trains with regular Blume's Daemonium open in Holland instead.

Die große Geisterbahn: Second Ghost Train was from Rudolf Schütze from Oberhausen.

Laser Pix: A unique dark ride was provided by Oliver Jehn's Virual Reality ride and game combined.

Fight Club: Although you sadly don't see a Boxing Booth on the UK circuit anymore Häsler-Schultz regularly provide theirs at Düsseldorf.

Looping the Loop: Another type of attraction rarely seen on UK fairs now is the Swinging Gyms with Hans Bernd Anton's attraction here.

Kristall Palast: The Sturm family's Mirror Maze stood nearby the Observation Wheel on this occasion.

Rutsche: Finally Andreas Göbel's 8-lane Astroglide which normally is found towards the Rheinknbrücke crossing part of the fair.

Several of the juvenile rides open at the Rheinkirmes.

As you would expect they are all well elaborately presented.

Selection of other attractions on offer.

There were plenty of bars & halls to have a drink.

There was no excuse to go hungry or thirsty plenty of variety of catering kiosks.

Finally some of the games available at the Rheinkirmes. That brings us to the end of our 2018 coverage hope you enjoyed it.


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